July Recap

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Philadelphia Videography Update Forever Lucky Films

Wedding season is going full tilt.  July has all but one weekend fully booked so it makes sense it would also be the month, we’d shoot two commercials and head to Iowa to capture footage for Gov. Terry Branstad who is campaigning for his re-election.

We also put together some footage of Deion Sanders’ pre-ESPY party and later that week shot a Rustic Vermont and Elegant NYC weddings on the same day.

While Chris, Chuck, Jenny, and Craig have also had been busy as well and will be for the rest
of the year.  Chris and Will start out August with a wedding at the Union League of Philadelphia shooting with the world photographer Cliff Mautner.  We have a few on the Eastern Shore, two in Philly, and a few in the ‘burbs.

If you’re a videographer or photographer will an overflow of footage we can get you caught up fast in ways you may have never considered.  We edit on FCP7, FCPX, After Effects, Premiere and Sony Vegas.

The great thing about this type of work, you never know what experiences will come your way from one month to the next.  Stay tuned.




Christopher lives in Vermont with his wife, twin boys, corgi. He has owned a film production company, sold slot machines, and worked for Tony Robbins. He writes in his magical tiny house and sometimes writes in his blog at chrisrodgers.blog


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