Refreshed and Ready

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My wife and I have recently returned from a short trip to Burlington. We venture up to this little Hamlet in Vermont every Spring. One last taste of winter. It’s also the moment I shift from a left to right brained person. In the winter, I’m selling, booking, and planning. When I return I’m Shooting, Editing and Writing.
For the last four years, we’ve gone to Burlington; basically to enjoy the amazing food and craft brews. Our favorites, The Skinny PancakeMagnolia Bistro and American Flatbread use only local ingredients -creatively with impressive results. Amazingly, the same people who worked there four years ago are still working there now.
Every year we talk about moving to Vermont, but quikly shoot it down for a million reasons.. However, there is a spirit there that refreshes us and inspires my work. It’s the reason why we keep coming back.  As for Forever Lucky Films, I love having clients as happy as I am as clients of those establishments.
I’m excited to offer new products this year. I’m more excited to give the established products new fresh ingredients. I have 350 shooting hours upcoming to turn into things you’ve never seen.  Can’t wait to show you.
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