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Whilst editing, I listen to music and a few podcasts.  Both give me fits of inspiration in paradoxical ways.  The music taps into the creative side while podcasts remind me that I’m running a business.  

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you may know some of the artists I enjoy, (here’s a setlist I’ve been grooving to today).  When it comes to podcasts I’m all over the place. I listen to Tim Ferris fairly regularly.  I really enjoy Seth Godin and what he has to say about artists.

Seth Godin Business ArtOne podcast I really like for its narrative qualities is Startup, specifically season one. Alex Blumberg is a familiar voice from NPR who left to start his own podcast company. Season one of Startup gives you an insider’s perspective to what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, in all its brutal glory, from selecting a name (Gimlet Media) to discovering that it is near impossible to go at it alone.  

So, in the spirit of Startup, my goal is to blog more.  Sharing films, music, and ideas is a passion but Facebook, to me at least is not the best medium.

In the show and real life, Alex found a partner well versed in startup culture.  While, having a partner is something I’ll pursue in the future, investing in talent was the priority. Shooting 45-60 weddings is just no longer possible with a family. Our network of referrals spirals further in every direction, creating a unique challenge. In the past, I’d have weddings in NYC, Philly, Vermont, DC, in back to back weekends and shoot them all.  Now I have artist more talented than I, in each of those locations, not to mention here on the Eastern Shore and soon North Carolina.

While I’m still often on the road, long trips will happen less and I’ll have more time to edit.  It’s exciting to get fresh footage every weekend.  Most of the films you’ve seen online from us have been a collaboration and we’ve forged new partnerships with a variety of artists and clients, excited for the next level.

I feel I may be burying the lead a bit, but in other news, we’re moving.  Many of you know we closed the Berlin Maryland office.  We did that for two reasons; first the house is empty now with the boys in school and I can maintain a home office, and more importantly, we’re moving to Vermont. It’s been our plan to move to Vermont for some time and my wife and I are in a place that next spring would be the perfect time to make the move.  As of now, we don’t’ have a date, location or anything that would be necessary for such a move, but we have faith in the plan.

Here’s an edit from earlier in the week.  Jackie and Cory’s crazy fun wedding in the hills of New Jersey.

Jackie + Cory \ Highlights \ Forever Lucky Films from Forever Lucky Films on Vimeo.


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