Things That Inspire Us

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Terrance Malick is a favorite artist of mine.  His films inspire similar times.  Thoughts. Nature.   He’s inspired a whole generation of directors, unfortunately those directors don’t get the budgets or hype that most, but still create wonderful films that deserve some praise.  One director is Australian Andrew Dominik.    A few years back he directed the under appreciated film The Assassination of Jessee James.  Leave it to an Aussie to capture the beautiful contours of America’s vast and open landscape of the 19th century.   Here are two of my favorite scenes from the film.

The first is the films opening.  Narrated by Hugh Ross it sets the atmosphere for what’s to come.
Then the even more beautifully shot Money Train sequence. You have to go to the link as embedding was disabled for this.

Assassination of Jesse James Money Train sequence


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