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Waiting by xposedfilm
Waiting, a photo by xposedfilm on Flickr.

I shoot video for work but photos for fun. My inspiration comes more from photography than video. Composition in videos especially Wedding Video is severely lacking in my opinion.

Henri Cartier Bresson famously said, “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” With digital I think that should multiplied by ten. With Video it should be your first 1000 hours are your worst.

So, one thing I love about digital photography is the ability to manipulate it. I have a concept knocking around in my head but to attack it I first need to work on my manipulation. The plan is to tackle the project starting in 2012 for a gallery showing here in Berlin next fall.

Here is a shot I’ve combined from a photo I took in Oregon in October, a photo of my wife on our wedding day and a wrecked ship. In the end I manipulated in the computer identically to how it was manipulate in my head.


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